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Also known as Radiant Starlets, this is the junior arm of our Children’s Ministry and the Unit that supports and caters for the needs of all Radiant Children within the age bracket of 0 – 12years. Radiant Kids comprises of several arms according to age group such as Toddlers, Kindergarten, and Primary School Age. They have their respective classes and worship service on Sundays at the same time as the adult church. We encourage parents to bring all their children with them to church and drop them in the Children’s class that best suit their age. Our Children’s Ministry is designed, packaged and equipped to suit their age group. We are blessed to have competent, skillful, and faithful volunteer staffs that handle our children’s ministry. Rest assured that when you bring your children here, they are in the best hands.


[dt_sc_box type=”success-box”] For more information please contact office of The Resident Pastor or Call +2348161718443 or send e-mail to[/dt_sc_box]