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We have various Ministry Units at The Radiant Church that provide our members great and exciting opportunities to serve the Lord and one another in the church. These units also give us platforms and opportunities to connect and interact with other members of the church. We believe that as a Church we are at our best when we all play our part and deploy our God-given gifts, talents and resources to serve both inside and outside the church. Discovering how you can impact other people and doing it regularly with all your heart is one of the most thrilling experiences in life. We invite you to get involved. We have listed below various departments and activity groups that you can choose from. Please feel free to choose any unit you wish to identify with according to your passions, interests and gifts.

The Radiant Voices

This is the Music Department of The Radiant Church. Here, our passion and primary assignment is worship. It is our responsibility to lead the entire church into God’s presence in every service through inspired sessions of Praise and Worship, using all manner of instruments and different styles of music. Worship gives us the opportunity to express our love for God. It helps us to focus on God; it also inspires us and renews us spiritually and emotionally.

Ushering Department

Our role and passion is to make everyone in church comfortable during Worship Service. We warmly welcome people to church, usher them to their seats and care for them through the service. With radiant smiles and cheerful disposition, we create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone in church. At the close of service it is our duty to identify and recognize our first time guests and bring them to the VIP Reception Area. We also help to maintain order in church during worship service.


This is the department tasked with the responsibility of maintaining order and etiquette in church during our services. It is our duty to guide parents in identifying the proper class or classes for their kids when they arrive for service. We are the ones that facilitate transportation arrangements, hotel bookings and security details for guest ministers. We also help to facilitate our Bishop’s itinerary. We encourage members with training or experience in PROTOCOL and ETIQUETTE to join this department. We also encourage members who have Military, Police, or Security training to join this department.

Evangelism & Missions Department

Our passion is to Evangelize our neighbourhoods and city, win souls and make them followers of Jesus Christ. We publicize Jesus Christ and The Radiant Church through the distribution of tracts, flyers and devotionals. We are passionate about winning lost souls to Christ and bringing them to church. We are also responsible for the planning and coordination of gospel road shows and street rallies to create public awareness for upcoming events such as crusades and revival rallies. Part of our responsibility is to survey our city and map out evangelism and missions strategy.


This is the department that takes care of the Needy, the Weak, and the Elderly. We are care givers! We manage the welfare programs and services in church. We conduct Love your Neighbour Service and Radiant Day of Mercy where we distribute Foods, Clothes, Shoes, and various household items and utilities to help those in need in and outside the church. We also conduct free Medical services where we partner with volunteer medical missionaries to provide free medical health care to the sick and the poor.

Facility Managers

This is the department that maintains and looks after our church equipments and facilities. It is our duty to ensure that all equipments are in good condition at all times.

Media Department

Our vision in the Media Department is to be a complete Media Suite comprising of Multimedia, Print Media, Electronic Media, Mass Media and Social Media. Our Job is to capture and communicate God’s Word and our church activities through Videos and Television Productions; Publications such as Inspirational Wellspring Devotional Guide, Radiance Magazine and Weekly bulletins; Social Media and Web Technology. We are very much interested in people with skills in Photography, Linear Editing, Videography, Writing and Editorial Services, Web Technology, Christian Journalism e.t.c.

Sound Department

Our duty is to provide a comfortable and effective sound for the preacher, the worship team and any other person whose function may require the use of the sound system; and make the sound enjoyable for everyone during service. It is also our duty to record messages preached and make them available in audio and video copies for people.

Traffic Department

Our duty is to manage vehicular traffic and parking of cars within the Church Environment.

Sanctuary Keepers

Our duty is to keep Sanctuary clean at all times and in order.

Events Management

This the department that is responsible for the planning and the management of special church events such as Radiant Love Feast, Bishop’s Day, Radiant Day, Mama’s Birthday, Pastors Appreciation Service, Convention Banquets e.t.c. Members with skills in Events Management and Interior Decoration are encouraged to join this department.

Intercessory Department

This is the prayer ministry of the church. Our passion and commitment is prayer. We are generally referred to as “The Power House” or “Prayer Warriors” or “Intercessors”. As the name implies, our responsibility is to intercede (i.e. stand in gap). We stand in the gap on behalf of our church leaders, church members, and church services. We also stand in the gap for our Nation and the entire body of Christ.

Hospitality Department

We are Waiters. Hospitality is our specialty. Our primary duty is to wait on our first time guests and give them a VIP reception. We are also called “Greeters”. We wear radiant and cheerful smiles on our faces and greet people at the gate as they arrive for service on service days. At the close of service it is our duty to identify and recognize our first time guests and give them a VIP reception.

Creative Arts Department

We communicate the gospel through Drama, Dance and Comedy.

Children’s Ministry

This is the department teaches and takes care of all the children of The Radiant Family during our church services. We encourage members will skills for handling, teaching, and caring for children to join this department. We also encourage qualified nannies nurses to volunteer their services in this department.

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